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Tips and Tricks for Purchasing the Right Saddle for a Better Horse Riding Experience

Equine riding has constantly been a really well-known sport for a lot more than a hundred years. People delight in riding on horseback whether it is in a countryside or in enclosed areas. Riding on this gorgeous wildlife typically brings fulfillment and brings a fantastic sensation of flexibility. Horse riding is a tremendously well-liked sport, you need to recall that it is the ideal equestrian saddles for sale that can use you the appropriate comfort and enjoyment of riding. This sport has been known for more than hundreds of years, it does not fall brief of a number of stores that have equestrian saddles for sale. And every store has their own inspiring story for choosing such an industry as the equestrian equipment business, just ask Charlotte Stahrenberg and Lissen Marschall – CEO of Siccaro and their dedicated team.

Lissen Marschall - CEO of Siccaro

Speaking of reliable horse riding gear shops, read more about Siccaro and its meaningful history below:

Siccaro’s History

Lissen Marschall – CEO of Siccaro, founded the company in 2013. She developed a special towel for drying newly-bathed dogs of all sizes safely, even in winter, after developing innovations for hair care. Siccaro, which loosely translates from Latin as ‘to dry’, is where the firm got its name. The AirPad ICE – a special saddle for Icelandic horses –was Siccaro’s first product that was created with her and her dedicated team’s love for animals. Creating functional solutions for dog and horse owners to face their everyday challenges conveniently is the company’s main goal.

Tips and Tricks for Selecting Saddles and other Horse Riding Equipment

Here are some couple of actions that you can do to assist you in choosing the ideal saddle for your horseback riding experiences:

Picking the Proper Blanket

The blanket needs to be placed below the saddle. This part ought to be put beneath your saddle by when riding horseback. An excellent blanket is at least an inch thicker and this makes your equine sense comfortable and does not harm it. It is actually vital that you make your mount truly feel tight so that you can experience riding on your horse conveniently. Apart from trying to find equestrian saddles for sale, you ought to also check the blanket that comes with it.

Choosing Horse Riding Saddles

Equestrian saddles can be found in a wide range of size, layout, parts, and charges. The cost ranges of each and every item rely upon the variety of style and the materials it has actually been produced from. Believing about you and your horse’s requirements with the saddle might assist you in validating the funds you will be investing in your equipment.

Always do your research on the item and the store selling saddles

The very first thing that you need to do whilst attempting to find equestrian saddles is to do a bit of research study on exactly what sort of saddles are easily available in the market. These saddles are fantastic for your leisure riding.

Measure the horse and your proper size accurately for better movement and convenience

Measurement issues are rather a couple of when it comes to buying equestrian saddles for sale. Regrettably, people typically produce an error of getting a saddle that appears great however does not possess the right dimensions.


If you reside in the UK and you wish to buy equestrian saddles for sale in pastime stores, you can see several sellers drawing out a myriad of options in them that can even make you puzzled on what to choose! The right kind of saddles these shops provide comes along with exceptional balancing structure that is valuable in the equestrian sport. Want to know more about how Lissen Marschall – CEO of Siccaro started this business and what they can offer? You can contact Lissen Marschall or any of her team members on their website https://www.siccaro.co.uk to know more.