Handle Elderly Aggression with These Proven Sensory Stimulation Tricks

There are times when your ageing parents or loved ones will become aggressive. After all, when their memory fails them, they tend to feel disoriented particularly those who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. That’s when they start to act up. Now, you might be wondering how Caulfield aged care homes and other residential homes in Victoria handle such situations. Well, their team members use certain sensory stimulation activities that are proven to help their residents calm down.


This activity involves aromatherapy for the elderly residents. After all, essential oils will go a long way for one to feel more relaxed. You can try placing peppermint or lavender oil diffusers in common areas and bedrooms and see how this helps you feel calm.

When you visit facilities offering aged care in Caulfield, you will see that they are using aromatherapy for their residents and essential oils in their massages to help pain and discomfort amongst residents. Some even place a bread machine which will emit the smell of freshly baked homemade bread. This is very helpful amongst residents who have eating problems, as the aroma will help stimulate their appetite.


Another sensory stimulation technique Caulfield aged care homes and other residential homes in Victoria use to calm their residents is using sound. For example, to calm down overly active residents, they let them engage in a pellet ball-rolling activity on water. In a way, the sound of water has a relaxing effect on the residents.

Of course, they would play some music at certain times of the day to keep their residents relaxed and calm. The audio played would range from favourite songs to recordings of nature sounds.


According to the website Hey Sigmund, “The power of touch is profound.” “It can strengthen connections, heal, communicate, influence and soothe.” Now, this principle is somehow applied in residential homes. Team members would use various hand lotions, hand sanitising wipes, and spritzers for impromptu hand massages. There are fizzy bath tablets to be dissolved in water for soothing foot baths for the elderly.

For some residents to stop fidgeting, sensory balls or finger fidgets are used. To create a tactile sensation and exercise the residents sensory skills, textured balls with various colours, sizes, and shapes are also used.


Visual stimulation is also used by providers of aged care Caulfield or any other suburb in Victoria has to deal with agitated residents. One of the techniques they use is utilising colour tubes that a resident can flip as he or she gazes at the varied colours that fall into the water. For the more physically active elderly, colourful wrist ribbons are tied to their wrists. Each time they raise their hands, the ribbons sway, catching their attention and diverting them from becoming aggressive.


Residents are given some sugar-free treats, such as candies, chocolates, cookies, and brownies, at certain times of the day. Giving them something to munch on that they love will not only prevent them from acting up, but will keep them happy as well.

Now, if you are looking for a residential home with team members who are skilled and knowleageable enough to apply these techniques and ensure your ageing loved ones are well taken care of, you can check out https://arcare.com.au/melbourne-aged-care/arcare-caulfield/. The 5-star Arcare facility has established a reputation for meeting the needs of their residents no matter what condition they have.

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